Most intimidating woman

17-Nov-2015 20:58

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But our attitudes and our behaviors put people off and caused conflict.

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What they want us to understand is the impact of the arrogance and lack of appreciation for others that often characterizes women with strong personalities. One practical way to mortify pride is to cultivate gratitude for the contributions and gifts of others.“A woman’s physical attractiveness, her character, her demeanor, her attainment – all of that can be daunting to a man who considers such an appealing woman out of his league.But that doesn’t mean he won’t go for it and see if she’ll accept his attention.No one wants to endure wrath and disdain from a proud, judgmental woman.

So please don’t let worldly thinking confuse competence with arrogance.Leaders can fear angering strong women because they do not want to endure our wrath and disdain.