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It seems to me it would be useful to know how closely these dates are related, particularly how soon after [1] and [2] most postcards were used, because that is the date we most often have available.

Having mailed 1940s style linens in the 1970s myself, I know that a postmark CAN be long after the date of manufacture and the date of the image, but shurely that is relatively uncommon.

Given a large enough sample, we should be able to say that x% of cards are used the first year, x% the second, and so on.

If we can determine those percentages (for the mathamatically inclined, the shape of the frequency curve) we can begin to work backward (again, with large enough samples), so that (for example) if 50% of a sample collection of 100 cards of a particular set are dated 1932-35, and none predate 1931, we can be fairly certain that set was released in 1931.

Click on “All Collections,” select letter “P,” and scroll to collections starting with the word “Postcard.” If you have further questions about the postcard collection, please Contact a Librarian.

Answers to some frequently asked questions appear below.

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In the meantime, you may find a variety of digitized postcards from the collection on the website of the Illinois Digital Archives.Often there is a reference in the box to the amount of postage required. postcards, the standard rate was: For English postcards, the standard rate was one half penny from the earliest cards to June 1918 when the rate was raised to one penny.

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