London school of dating

24-Sep-2016 07:35

You’re saying ‘here I am, now you are welcome to woo me if you like’.

The following weekend at a party I catch a man’s eye across a crowded room, follow up by dancing near him, and find myself chatting to him in the kitchen soon afterwards, using some of the techniques I’ve learned: A few questions to get him to open up about himself, a touch on the arm here and there, lots of humour. Learn to be someone who is naturally ‘touchy’ and you will soon find out if there is sexual chemistry between you and a man. Be honest, and inject lightness and humour into your conversation. There is no such thing as an awkward silence, just a silence that becomes awkward if you don’t point it out and laugh it off. Catherine Eade is a freelance journalist and novelist. Your perfect match is only a click away - visit Telegraph Dating.I know I am not technically ready for a ‘relationship’ so soon after my last one ended after growing apart (six months officially but longer if you count the months of leading separate lives and putting a brave face on it, since you ask) but one has to dip a toe into the jacuzzi at some point.