Xiah dating

09-Jun-2016 14:17

Junsu would pick up Hani in his car and the two woul commonly date at Junsu's house.

They were also spotted celebrating Christmas Eve together.

I have thoughts about (making music) together with them.

Though I really like D'Angelo, I feel that I am still not good enough to work with him.

Yuen scorns his father, who he thinks is too generous and forgiving.

Through a flashback/time travel gimmick, Yuen meets his parents during their joyous courtship. See full summary » Since dropping out from the medical school, Lau Mack has been living a humble but contented life, running a small clinic in a shabby area, treating local inhabitants and poor prostitutes ...

See full summary » A typical everyday HK movie fan Wing idolizes the beautiful female singer Rose and her producer Sam as the fairy tale couple.

By chance she posed as an amateur male singer and moves in with...

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It turns out that Hani was Junsu's fan since his DBSK days and the admiration turned to closer relationship.Tony Leung Chui Wai is Tom, who has dated the same girl since high school and would like to know what he has been missing, but is too afraid to find out.