Foggy thinking on dating

09-May-2015 23:40

New Zealand's favourite wellbeing expert, Dr Libby, answers readers' questions about living a healthier life.

Question: I have IBS and I've noticed my brain feels really foggy on the days my tummy is particularly bad.

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He underwent a two-hour deep brain MRI this week and results are to be given yet. The technician told him when he left that he can expect to have this two-hour MRI test again soon. “Oh, by the way, I can’t find my cell phone,” he added one day earlier in the week.

He was to fax a paper to the boss, and he did that; but didn’t remember that he followed through, and couldn’t remember even what the task was.

“I just walked down to the plant at the quarry and asked him what he just asked me to do,” he said.

I just don’t remember where I was going or what I was going to pick up for parts for the job and people just stared at me as if something was wrong with me at the store.” Don said. Why does he have difficult swallowing when it is meal time?

Do these symptoms come from having type 2 diabetes? One test at the doctor came back with saying he didn’t have neuropathy.

Ok, this was a brief bit of news, and I proceeded to go to my computer to work on this blog.

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