Hospital accomidating bariatric

29-Oct-2016 03:24

There wasn’t just one of those chairs – they were interspersed among the waiting room. Is this a sign that our hospitals are being more accomodating of us in general, or is it a sign that even hospitals have kind of “given up” on fighting the trend of our country’s growing girth?Looking at those bigger than normal chairs brought up some sad feelings I had about myself when I was morbidly obese.The result is, patients are well cared for and supported throughout the healing process.In recovery If you or a loved one is in recovery from a stroke, accident or other medical incident, Split Rock offers compassionate recovery care options by our skilled nursing team.I know there is a difference between accommodating and giving up!

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Skilled nurses can also help with administering medication and medication management.

I tried to give up on myself and it wasn’t a good feeling.

It wasn’t a good feeling to see those chairs and think that parts of our society may be giving up and just accepting obesity as part of life.

As New York City’s premier Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA), Split Rock Center aims to provide compassionate and expert support.

Through this program, our home health nurses travel to our patients’ homes to provide nursing services, from administering medication to round the clock medical treatments.

BUT, the hospital chair I was sitting in would have accommodated me at 300 pounds. And sitting in that tight chair in a hospital would have made me think again about my weight and that might have been a good thing.