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Those who are familiar with Poinsettia know of it’s fabulous candelabra branching, which it readily passes on to it’s offspring. This is a tall floriferous Sev to Dor plant with medium green, arched foliage.

All of the Woodlands plant are pod & pollen fertile. It is pod & pollen fertile & is giving me some exciting dark, colorfast kids. The bright yellow, up-facing self has a lighter mid rib, & is accented with a fulvous, or russet, obverse, making it a focal point of any setting.

A very pretty girl, she had flowing curly locks, and pink & purple were her favorite colors.

It’s only fitting that this cultivar carries her name, Rebecca’s Curls.

If you like skinny, this bloom is a must have for your garden.

This wonderful flower is named for my sweet young cousin, who was the victim of a shooting accident at the age of 8 years.

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Woodlands Spotted Newt carries up-facing blooms that feature a cadmium yellow throat, extending to mid ribs of the same color, accenting a rusty red ochre self, with a dark chevron band.

It is out of a seedling from ((Brave World x Unknown species) X Let It Rip).

It is pod & pollen fertile, with a light to medium green foliage that is slender & arching.

This is the robe worn by Bachelorette Catherine Guidici and the Bachelor winner Emily Maynard.

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