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19-Apr-2015 11:21

The people are very friendly and always willing to treat you a shot of “tsikoudia”.

Quite a few thousand tourists pass by the village every year because of the Samaria gorge but most of the are only passing by.

web cam sites android mobile tracker with name and address like chat roullete 1946 wimbledon boys singles results iphone accelerometer could spy on computer keystrokes Sfakia is located on the Southern and Eastern sides of Lefka Ori at a distance of 75 Km from Chania.

The municipality of Sfakia has the biggest extension in all of Crete.

The waters are limpid and the bottom deepens very smoothly.Homer identifies Gavdo with the island of Kalipsos where Odysseus resided. The paradise sandy beaches with the see through waters are some of the characteristic beauties of the island. It is not accidental that whoever goes there forgets to come back. Fragokastelo is a small coastal settlement which is only 13 km from Sfakia. The castle was built according to fort architecture.