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12-Jan-2016 12:48

Sarah sent an email to everyone in their class pretending to be Jessica saying “I hate you all and I am so much better than everyone here”. Sarah may face criminal charges as she has accessed Jessica’s secure email account without her permission. Think about the types of things that are password protected on your computer.

This includes all of your work on your school computer, all of your emails, and all of the content on your Facebook page.

If you wouldn’t want everyone in the world knowing it, don’t put it online.

Remember that any information you put online about yourself could be used by an identity thief to guess the answers to your security questions and then hack into your email, social media or online messenger accounts.

A serious crime is one that is punishable by a gaol term of 5 years or more.

There are a number of ways you can protect yourself against identity theft: If you think that someone may have hacked into your account, change your password immediately and consider removing your account. Their details are usually on the bottom of the website page.

It is also illegal to change someone’s password or login details for an online site without their permission. One day in the school library, Sarah accessed Jessica’s password protected email account without her permission.

Sarah had seen Jessica’s email password written in her diary in class. If you know someone’s password or login details for online or social media sites and use them or give them to someone else with the intention of committing a crime, you could be charged with identity theft and face up to 7 years in jail.

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It is also illegal to make, use or give someone else another person’s personal information with the intention of committing a crime.It is illegal to access someone’s emails, online instant messages or social media profiles using their password or login details without their permission.

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