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05-Sep-2016 08:39

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Solo hopes the project, which has been criticized and labeled counterproductive, will help him become a better person - and in turn, lead to better relationships - while offering others an entertaining look into not only the relationships but instead someone's entire life."If there's anything to get, it might be that you're responsible for your own happiness and until you've figured that out, you won't be happy with any external factors that are a part of your life - relationships included," he said.

Your online source for up-to-the-minute Web series news, Webvee guide, has put out a series of reviews in advance of the tomorrow night’s Indie Series Awards. We’ve sampled a paragraph for your preview pleasure below. Apparently not, and creator Troy Mundle proves it in the funny and very true-to-life The well drawn and relatable characters are just like people you know: Mundle as Troy Mc Master, good guy looking for love, Michael Goudge as Micheal Robinson, laid back Lothario to whom the idea of monogamy is anethema, Chad Riley as “Chadillac” Mayweather, single dad and wannabe real estate mogul; and last but not least Sheri Rabold as the sexy, smart Sheri Wilson, sick of deadbeat dates who wear backwards baseball caps.

The actor plays one of four friends looking for love in Single & Dating in Vancouver, a comedy web series that’s garnered more than 25,000 views on You Tube.

“Living here, we don’t know so much about it,” Rabold told the Georgia Straight during an interview at a café near Granville Island.

Posted in: Interview by: Daniela Dilorio While in town for the 2015 Vancouver Web Fest, Webvee’s Daniela Dilorio spoke with Single & Dating In Vancouver cast members Sheri Rabold, Chad Riley and Troy Mundle as well as SAD’s Director of Photography Marco Bossow.

“But if you talk to people from outside of Vancouver, they say that it is the most impossible dating scene here—that the girls are stuck up and the guys are all douchebags.” Rabold is nominated for the best-actress award at the second annual Vancouver Web Fest.