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This means a subquery can itself contain other subqueries, subqueries can perform joins and grouping aggregations, etc.Unlike standard SQL, Big Query uses the comma as a queries.This type of aggregation is referred to as keyword in the syntax above with the name of the node in your schema where you want the aggregation to be performed.For more information about that advanced behavior, see Dealing with data.You can use either numeric or string expressions as arguments for comparison functions.(String constants must be enclosed in single or double quotes.) The expressions can be literals or values fetched by a query.

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To compute the exact number of distinct values, use EXACT_COUNT_DISTINCT. If the arithmetic operation evaluates to an undefined result, the operation returns , but the values they return are based on comparison operations.

Combinations of these data sources can be queried using the comma, which is the and the alias for improved readability.

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