Carbon dating crude oil

04-Jun-2016 15:42

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A gasoline’s resistance to autoignition is expressed in its octane rating.

Octane levels are manipulated by the addition of a particular hydrocarbon called octane.

Additives help to ensure that it is highly compressible, has a low volatility, and will be free from freezing.

Crude oil is a mixture of a very large number of compounds.

It is formed from the remains of plants and animals which died millions of years ago. Most of the compounds in crude oil consist of molecules made up of hydrogen and carbon atoms only, we call these type of compounds hydrocarbons.

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Gasoline is the most popular product derived from petroleum and constitutes the largest fraction of product obtained per barrel of crude oil.Of importance in this process is the timing of combustion, which can be adversely impacted by autoignition of gasoline.This leads to the phenomenon commonly referred to as “engine knock.” In fact, the resistance to autoignition is the largest difference between gasoline and jet fuel, jet fuel being highly resistant to autoignition.Government regulation now requires that additional steps be taken to remove the sulfur so that diesel fuel is more environmentally friendly.

This is part of reason that diesel fuel costs more than gasoline Fuel oil is one of the “left-over” products of crude refining.It is often less pure than other refined products, containing a broader range of hydrocarbons. Namely, it must have a low flammability and it must be able to experience the cold temperatures associated with high altitude without freezing.

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