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30-Jul-2015 10:37

We are currently operating with only 2 full-time employees - Cindy and Madam Curator Sarah; a part-time Assistant Curator, Ariel (whom we’d love to hire full-time but can’t afford to) and a part-time contract developer.

We need to hire a full-time CTO and developers; bring Ariel on full-time and add more curators; and hire a COO to run the business operationally day to day in partnership with Cindy.

https:// Our biggest obstacle is the social dynamic ‘fear of what other people will think’.

Investors understand the need, benefit and business case for what we’re doing, but are afraid to be seen investing in anything to do with sex.

The challenges we’ve faced bootstrapping MLNP in a business world biased against sex-related ventures, all become a lot easier to solve with funds.

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The time we’ve spent working on MLNP and the difficulties we’ve encountered working to raise funding the conventional way mean we are realistic about the challenges facing any venture that is to do with sex.

i Fund Women is the first crowdfunding platform to actively welcome us – other crowdfunding platforms either operate a ‘no adult content’ clause, or else draw distinctions between, say, sex toys versus the nature of our business.

Your support will help us overcome those obstacles and demonstrate to the world how much it can benefit from a female-founded #socialsexrevolution.

Madam Curator sees it all: You email Sarah your desires, needs, wants, curiosity; she’ll customize your very own MLNP video playlist for inspiration, exploration, revelation.As Cindy explained to Erik Torenberg on the Product Hunt stage at the Launch Conference in San Francisco last year, ‘You know all those big Silicon Valley VCs and investors who say they don’t give a fuck about anything?