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04-Dec-2015 20:16

Rebecca Jarvis was born on December 14, 1981, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She also attended Paris Dauphine University and Sciences Po in Paris where she studied international economics and business.Financial Journalist Rebecca was also a finalist on Season 4 of The Apprentice. Jarvis, lawyer and business consultant and Gail Jarvis and James T. Jarvis was honored for raising 0,000 for children's charity.to be particularly proud of an ABC special report in which she questioned why the Laci Peterson case merited more attention than two other similar cases, one involving a black woman and the other involving a Hispanic woman.Another story she did, based on the book The Da Vinci Code and the role of Mary Magdalene, helped fuel a nationwide religious debate. She is also the graduate student of University of Chicago where she studied in economics and Law, Letters and Society in 2003.

She spent her youth moving from post to post in Germany and Belgium.Vargas also has two stepchildren, Max and Emily, from Cohn's first marriage.