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03-Aug-2014 16:43

The status of “in a relationship” should not reflect a dependency on someone else, but rather, the power of togetherness.Be careful and be picky with whomever has the honor to hold your heart.Nobody is perfect, but there is a fine line between denying reality and settling for less simply to temporarily feel good.Start living without regrets, only live with learned lessons. You know that feeling when meeting somebody and you instantly have chemistry?That instant, magnetic connection that's overwhelming and difficult to ignore? Work on your issues to become self aware about where you have room for improvement.The one that stimulates all your senses but cannot be explained? There is nothing more gratifying than adjusting the side-view mirror on your life to look back and see how much you've grown.Regardless, you try to convince yourself that the naysayers are wrong.

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Time is the only game no human will ever master; we cope with this by pressing forward, no matter the circumstances that arise.Self-growth is quite sexy; it leads to thorough self-awareness and healthier, more realistic aspirations of desires in a significant other. Learn what makes you strive for greatness, what makes you angry, what makes you tick, what makes you live for more — your goals, passions, disappointments.