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31-Dec-2014 09:21

Before details we want to tell you some important thing after many email that were sent by pk users we are selecting this topic so today you demand will fulfill so read this information.Telenor Pakistan is one of best Pakistani Telecom Network that is the reason it increase telecom market share day by day and these days Telenor try to get 3G Technology for Telenor users.It also give respect, Keep promises, Make easy , Be Inspiring keys tools for Telenor Customer.

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The Hagler Bailly report added that Pakistan's gas shortage would get much worse in the next two decades if it did not bring on any alternative sources.Although it does burn much cleaner than coal and oil, the process of extraction of shale gas in Pakistan, or anywhere else, is not without risks, particularly risks to the environment.In the United States, there have been many reports of ground water contamination from chemicals used to fracture rocks, as well as high levels of methane in water wells.As an added incentive, the leases for the fields will now be for 40 years instead of 30 in the 2009 policy, the official said.

Even with the higher prices for the tight gas offered to the exploration companies, it is estimated that Pakistan will have to pay a maximum of .50/Btu for the gas compared with .30/Btu for gas imports, according to a report by Platts.For investors interested in South Asia, Riaz has another blog called South Asia Investor at a You Tube video channel https:// IDy Fb C9N9ev XYb9c A_g Q Reports of new gas reserves of 40 trillion cubic feet (upped to 105 TCF in 2013 by US EIA) are specially welcome at this moment in Pakistan when it is facing a very serious and growing energy crisis.