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04-Apr-2014 11:10

Six of these had actually expanded their reporting criteria to take in a wider range of ‘prejudice-related’ bullying.

He discovered that in 2012-13, schools had reported some 4,348 incidents to the 13 authorities.

On returning home, the younger boy had told his mother about the comment, and she had informed the school, hoping that they could have a quiet word with Elliott.‘I was told I would have to sign a form acknowledging my son had made a racist remark, which would be submitted to the local education authority for further investigation,’ she said.The handwritten note was written by a child called Summer and describes how she sometimes looks to the sky at night to find the brightest star she can see - believing it is her dad. I miss you so much and I wish you were here right now!Her touching letter was discovered outside the Prince of Wales pub in Somerset and sparked a social media campaign by landlady Nicki Holroyd who was determined to return the note. "At night I sometimes look at the sky and make a wish and I make a wish on the brightest star I see and I believe it is you."I always think of you on your birthday, fathers day, my birthday and Christmas and always after."Happy some days sad the other but right now I can feel you in my heart and you are always in my mind but I just wish I could have said one last goodbye and one last hug before you took your journey to your new home in heaven."I know all my brothers and sisters and everyone in our familys (sic) miss you every day too and wish you were still here but until we meet again or talk again I will leave you to rest."I love you so much xx RIP daddy xx and I hope you are happy where you are xxx"Lots of love, your little girl Summer, I love you xxxxxxx."It is thought the sweet letter had been attached to a balloon which had been released near to where it was found.But when she was told that Elliott had been at the centre of an ‘incident’ with another pupil that was so serious she would have to sign an official form admitting he was racist, she refused to believe what she was hearing.‘When I arrived at the school and asked Elliott what had happened, he became extremely upset,’ said Ms White, who is a 32-year-old NHS worker.

‘He kept saying to me: “I was just asking a question.

Teachers are also asked to tick the type of behaviour involved in the bullying.