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15-Jul-2015 19:23

I wonder if this it.” So they plugged it up and found out it was it.

And they said the [person] that actually sold it to ‘em was trying to get it back. He’s the person that signed me [to Def Jam back in 2007]. I feel like I’ll forever be in debt to him ‘cause he believed in me and he gave me a chance to showcase my talent on a national level… DX: Did you read that feature that came out end of ’09 about that whole situation? DX: I was just curious ‘cause I don’t think most folks know how deep the backstory is to what happened.

DX: Shakir was the man who signed you to Def Jam, so what has been your relationship with the label since he passed? And we weren’t on the same page, so I went and I told ‘em that, “I’m ready to sever my ties with the label, [because] I feel as if we not moving in the same direction. And with this being my second album, this my baby, [so] it’s like, it has to be done right. [Laughs] DX: So what label then is gonna be putting out the album? I’m getting ready to drop a new single in the next few weeks, [and] I’ma drop a mixtape. I’ll decide which label I’ma go with next year, but as of right now I’m just grindin’, just building. I been on the road almost every weekend since 2007.

I don’t feel as if y’all understand.” DX: Is that after “Maybe,” [which was released by Def Jam back in June], came out and it just didn’t really go – Rocko: Yeah, it was after “Maybe” came out… DX: And, this the question I gotta ask, going forward, what do you say to those that you know are out there calling you a one-hit wonder after “Umma Do Me”? I make songs like “Dis Morning” to where I don’t even need music to ‘em when I perform ‘em. “Tomorrow,” “Hustle Fo,” just because they weren’t commercial hit records – Like, all my music goes hard in the streets.

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Brown posted a photo of himself and their new bundle of joy on Friday.

You might say Rocko is out for revenge – on his critics, his now former label, gossipmongers, and anyone thinking the artist manager/label owner-turned-artist in his own right is nothing more than a one hit wonder.

That hit, the Drumma Boy-laced stunna’s anthem “Umma Do Me,” catapulted Rocko to a deal with Def Jam for his first full-length, 2008’s .

So this guy that I know he knew the person that bought it, and he gave it to him and he called me and I went and got it from him. DX: I don’t wanna switch gears to a more somber note, but I understand your new album, , is dedicated to Shakir Stewart? [Plus there’s] a stigma attached with suicide in our culture – people hear that and automatically they just dismiss your whole life.

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[So] I ended up just shooting him a little something just on the strength. Rocko: But at the end of the day, what a person does, that’s what they do. What we do affects not only us, it affects our children and all our loved ones and our friends.

We told you so :) In early March, we were put on Ovary Hustlin’ alert, after a few baby-bumpish photos began popping up of singer Monica.

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