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I’m going to need rest when I get done with this movie,” and they’re like, “You’re going to rest for two weeks and you’re going to want to make another one like it.” (laughs) And it’s kind of true. I haven’t been working directly in terms of technique, but he’s designed a lot of stuff, and surprisingly, a lot of the things they taught me and asked me to do, just start to come easily when you start isometric type of workouts, a lot of hanging and a lot of training your body to move precisely and landing in the right away. Anybody can run and jump as far as they can but landing it is the hardest part, which is why you have the four guys outside looking like me. If there’s one thing on this movie I’ve learned so fast is that when someone asks you to do something, you have to try it and see if you can do it, and if you don’t do it the first time, then you have to try again.

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it’s not just gladiator-style fighting although we have all of that. This is how you play when you’re a kid, and you go outside and I remember specifically many times I would go outside and be like, “I play him and you play him and let’s fight! (laughs) So the best part of it for me is because I’ve never done a lot of fighting—sword fighting, hand-on-hand, any type of combat that there is and any type of evasion and persuasion.

So you weren’t complaining about the 130 degree heat? (laughs)You talked about the humor in the film and we were just watching Mike direct and he seems like a funny guy. I think it’s such an unlikely cast of characters in this movie, which I think is so f*cking great. The type of ego on this movie is about working together as opposed to everyone for themselves, and Mike is…