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16-Jan-2015 04:38

Treadwell When my husband failed to meet my expectations many Valentine’s Days ago, he cynically dubbed Feb.

14 “The Hallmark Holiday.” In the aftermath of a fabulous fight that left no doubt where each of us stood on the importance of the day, we created a ritual that takes the pressure off. 14, we go to the local card shop, position ourselves at opposite ends of the Valentine’s rack, and proceed to read love messages as we move toward the middle.

Just pretend I’m a football.” We then return home, cook our favorite dinner and remember our own love story: We met through our passion for travel in our first jobs out of college while we were both working for Pan American Airways.

We each have different perspectives about the spark that first attracted us, but we end up in the same playful place in the telling.

Friendships based on common interests led to good marriages where couples still keep that first spark of attraction alive.

Recently, I have had the privilege of working with couples in pre-marital counseling who met through or other online dating services, rather than through more traditional means.

Said one, “During the year of defining myself – my wants, desires and vision for my life – I grew in self-confidence and integrity.

The process prepared me for more authentic relationships in the future.” Margaret M. Friedman, she co-edited and helped posthumously publish his book, A Failure of Nerve: Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix.

One woman said, “Through I met and married the man who not every other woman in Washington was looking for.” For those who don’t meet their match?Thoughts and ruminations about anything that comes up by an ex-Episcopalian as he waffles between embracing a Continuing Anglican parish or swimming the Tiber (or Euphrates? A seminarian in the US has launched what is believed to be the world's first dedicated matchmaking site for gay Christians.