Minnesota law mandating teacher contract settlement

05-Oct-2015 07:46

The Act expressly mandates that any "reasonably segregable portion" of a record must be disclosed to a requester after the redaction (the deletion of part of a document to prevent disclosure of material covered by an exemption) of the parts which are exempt.

When a requested document contains some information which falls under one of the exemptions, the FOIA requires that all non-exempt portions of the record must still be released. This problem was addressed by the 1996 amendments to the FOIA which mandate that agencies identify the location of deletions in the released portion of the record and-where technologically feasible-to show the deletion at the place on the record where the deletion was made, unless including that indication would harm an interest protected by an exemption.

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If you choose to garnish wages, remember that you walk a fine line between making great progress on collecting your judgment and closing off the possibility of collecting.

Keep in mind, however, that if your debt is for child support, bankruptcy won't wipe out the debtor's obligation to pay you.

You can garnish wages relatively quickly and cheaply if: The threat of a wage garnishment is often a strong impetus for a debtor to make arrangements to pay off a judgment because many people want to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of having their salary reduced.

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Also, even though a federal law bars an employer from firing an employee whose wages are garnished due to a single judgment, most employees believe that a garnishment won't win them brownie points with their bosses.You may claim this exemption if you provide more than 50% of the support for a child or other dependant.

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