Chelsea new york dating

10-Aug-2014 17:01

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NEW YORK CITY — If you date online long enough, you end up resorting to nicknames to keep your suitors straight.

While the blog is meant for humor, the most popular post is by far the saddest, according to Tinderella.

"The Boston Tinder" is a New England expat who Tinderella described as "smart and rich but not a finance douche." It was three weeks of making out in front of impatient cab drivers, midnight walks through Washington Square Park and days full of loved up text messages.

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Tinderella — a blonde, British native who asked that her name not be used to maintain the blog's anonymity — found all of her dates through the popular dating app Tinder, which presents users with a potential match's photo and minimal personal details.In the blog and in the interview she is careful to omit names and other identifiers like what university a date went to or company he works for.She also leaves out sensitive information like when one guy — "I won't tell you which one," she said — started crying about his ex-girlfriend on the date.As love blossomed in the East Side, across town, Spencer revealed he was excited to ask newcomer, Billie, out on a second date.

Love appeared to be heating up between the duo on their tandem bike date last week.Writing the blog has illuminated some interesting truths about the nature of dating in New York City, Tinderella said, especially when compared with dating in her native London."I know that I have never dated this much in my life. I have always heard New York is the dating city, but who is to say whether this has been Tinder or living in a city like New York," she said."In London, if you were dating someone they would consume all your attention.

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