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I worked mostly doing a lot of color keys which you will find here, working closely with the layout department and set designers.So here we were going for a very intensely saturated, artificial green light, which is even trickier than the local color of the natural landscape.I felt way out of my comfort zone, as these aren´t colors that I would normally choose.I had to be a lot more specific about my lighting ideas than I usually am, so you will see my illustrations are pushed a lot further than usual.

That in itself was a challenge, not loosing the energy or feeling of a looser sketch. In this sequence, I wanted to push the drama by adding a lot of contrast and a very warm light hitting everything sideways.By the way, check out all the great work he did on this film and on other projects on his blog HERE. My friend Jean Julien Pous has done some incredible photography of Hong Kong markets, and I thought about his beautiful short film “Seeking you”. In designing the lighting for this sequence, I had to be very mindful of the architectural layout of the scene.