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02-Jun-2016 16:04

With x Xx in 2002, Vin Diesel tried his hand at a starring role where villains were ridiculous, dialogues were corny and action was a throwback to when ‘men were men’ (read Neanderthal).

In 2017, he still dislikes too much gadgetry and is in favour of taking things in his own hands and ridiculing the establishment in the process.

He mocks the gadgetry and tags it as a waste of money.

His villains are nameless and faceless ‘establishment’ whose reasons are never clear but they want to destroy us and our way of life. He will fight the powerful guys and bring them down purely with his muscle power and derring-do.

And mercifully, her Indian identity is not pushed down our throats even though she bravely keeps her accent desi.

Caruso x Xx: Return of Xander Cage movie cast: Vin Diesel, Deepika Padukone, Ruby Rose, Samuel L Jackson, Donnie Yen and Tony Jaa The review of x Xx: Return of Xander Cage has to begin with Deepika Padukone in India. So here goes: Deepika Padukone is not an after-thought in x Xx, neither is she an arm candy for Vin Diesel’s X aka Xander Cage.

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Also read | Ranveer Singh arrives to cheer for Deepika Padukone, says extremely proud of her The film’s problems are its villains.

x Xx: Return of Xander Cage continues the tradition of the past two x Xx films and is run-of-the-mill action Hollywood produced so relentlessly in the 80s.

It has macho men playing with fire power, happily doling out their own brand of justice and not worrying about collateral damage.

WATCH VIDEO | Watch Vin Diesel Enjoys Cutting Chai With Deepika Padukone In fact, the film probably has more stunts than it has dialogues and that is a good idea.

For the dialogues it does have are rather liberal in the cheesy department. Here is a sample: After a bevy of beauties have their way with him in exchange for info, Xander says he had gone ‘undercover’. Here’s taking a stab at x Xx: Return of Xander Cage story: A new tech that can bring down satellites in the form of raging balls of fire on our planet has been stolen.

Nobody won such wars by kowtowing to rules and being politically correct.