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Fourth, a focus on American style modern story telling, inspired by Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, Joss Whedon and others.Fifth, instead of a story that takes weeks to develop your character and your relationships, it all takes place in a single day.(Taken from: More Info on “The Sequel”.) Ariane will be one of the many characters in Date Night and most characters can be seen on the official Ariane blog.The final result with technical gobbledygook can be found on the official Ariane blog: A Final V4 Ariane and Poser 9 is Out.The sequel will not only have an entirely new Ariane.It's a good read, as all articles are on Life in the Metaverse.It will take several months before a demo version of Date Night will be published.

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A couple of weeks ago (see: A New Ariane) it was revealed how Ariane's features were going to be upgraded as the earlier model dated from about a decade ago.Anyways, enough about that, lets check out the house.Above is the living room couch, now white cloth with blue throw pillows instead of the old black vinyl and no throw pillows.Note: Some have run into issues with Date missing, due to their virus scan software detecting a false positive.

Check your virus scan's quarantine folder if this happens, or ignore the warning if prompted.

Behind her is the dining area, and that orange section in back is the kitchen.