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We welcome her and are very excited to extend her expertise and talent to the community. Yehudis Orloff was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA where she and her husband Reuven have been active in the community for over 30 years raising their family and watching their grandchildren grow.Though she made her first match for a friend while she was engaged, she has been active in helping people find their soul-mates for over 12 years.She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from New York University and continued her graduate education in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University.After spending some time living in Jerusalem, she has grown a passion for connecting Jews of all backgrounds through education and social events and has coordinated dozens of programs, events and seminars for Jewish Young Professionals from L. She has now joined Soul Search to devote her time to coordinating the program, while continuing to connect and inspire her peers.If your account's age is set to NA, it now defaults to finding matches between the ages of 18 - 36. make your age view-able before scanning your account into our system on the my_account page. So no more multiple tabs being opened.-Improved interface to make the system easier to use.Soul Search is a dynamic initiative designed to connect marriage-minded Jewish singles of all ethnic backgrounds and religious observance levels through exclusive events, educational programming and matchmaking opportunities.

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The higher rarity of the material item, the less expensive it is to Soul Match with.You can pass on a bonus from a weapon if all the following conditions are met: . Note further that two pieces of equipment at the same " " level can be combined to create one of the next highest level, e.g. " " equipment will drop naturally up to 6 ( 6 drops are extremely rare, but 4 and 5 drops can commonly be had on NG missions that are ~lvl 300).Each of these levels has a greater effect on equipment effectiveness than normal levels. After this, you will need to begin matching multiple junk divines together to level higher.Also, unlike normal soul matching, these Divine equipment levels can only be gained one at a time. E.g., your equipped weapon is already at 7; match two "junk" 6's together to make another 7, then soul match this new 7 with your equipped 7 weapon to raise it to 8.

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Then visit the Soul Match Main page for a list of sexy local singles who match your soul based on our scientific dating algorithms: services/other/soul-match/soul-match.php- Hover over a match for a list of contact options / more info on your future soul mate.

The Conscious Dating Network was originally launched in 1999 by owner/founder Jill Crosby and has experienced over a decade of online dating evolution.