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10-Mar-2015 09:54

Chinese internet giant Tencent has closed 20 million accounts on its messaging app We Chat, 5% of the total, because they offered prostitution services, according to Chinese state media, who dubbed the campaign operation “Thunder Strike.” The move is part of a wider government campaign to create a “healthy cyberspace,” which has included cracking down on pornography and salacious fan fiction, as well as the American television show .

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Prostitution, which is technically illegal but largely condoned and rampant in China, has been increasingly moving from red-light districts on to the internet and mobile phones, as it has around the world.In fact, businesses have used We Chat to 1) spread awareness, 2) enhance engagement, 3) drive revenue and 4) provide value-added services for the vast market in China.This article will focus on Airbnb as a case study to demonstrate We Chat’s potential to enable a new business ecosystem on mobile, supported by shorter case studies from Starbucks, Tesla, LINQ Hotel and Durex.In certain locations, consumers can also follow the public account in exchange for free Wi-Fi, bringing in new followers via mobile.

In addition to a public account, Airbnb also offered live sharing sessions over We Chat on occasions.

These groups remain after the sharing session for participants to stay in touch, share information and engage afterwards.