The bad girls club speed dating

30-Nov-2014 19:58

NBC / Oxygen Network's "Bad Girls Club" comes to Speed LA Dating!

See if the girls found love or just got a little cheeky! v=ubgk Ky-3LNU ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speed Dating in the absolute best venues in Los Angeles!

Production of the season began in June 2008, and was located in Los Angeles, California.

- The ONLY strictly Speed Dating company in LA, based in LA. Camden Drive., Suite 322 Beverly Hills, Ca 90210 310. After fans started to ask Kendra if that was indeed Antwaun, she deleted the link.Another picture was posted of Kendra and two young men, which later was confirmed to be a couple of Cook’s frat brothers.To make things even more suspicious, when Ant joined Twitter, he pulled a Kanye and was only following one person, and it wasn’t Fantasia…his estranged wife Paula. This dirty dog ain’t no good, how do you go from American Idol to Bad Girls Club?

Hurricane Antwaun is tearing down more reality slores and leaving nothing but a destructive path of born out of wedlock babies, bad credit and tears in his wake.

After mingling at the bar for a bit, we all sat down at a long table, where there was an empty chair next to each woman.